1. Real Estate (Commercial/Residential)
2. Personal Injury

a. Auto Accidents
b. Slip and Fall

3. Small Business
4. Landlord/Tenant
5. Contract Law
6. Consumer Fraud
7. Collections (Commercial/Consumer)
8. Construction Liens
9. Probate (Wills and Estates)
10. Municipal Court

a. DWI
b. Drugs
c. No Insurance
d. Revoked License

11. Municipal Government
12. Litigation

1. Personal Injury/PIP

a. Premises Liability
b. Auto Accidents
c. Slip and Fall
d. Dog Bite

2. Probate (Wills and Estates)
3. Contract Law
4. Real Estate
5. Collections (Creditor/Debtor)
6. Matrimonial Matters
7. Municipal Court

a. DWI
b. No Insurance
c. Revoked License

8. Elder Law


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